Tattoo Donation


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Hi guys! It is coming up more and often where my lovely customers have asked permission to get my designs tattooed. Yes, I am absolutely flattered that you enjoy my work so much that you would want to tattoo it permanently on your body! All I ask is that you consider purchasing from my shop or making a donation. My artwork is how I make a living and a lot of time and thought goes in to each design so your support means a lot!

This donation is a way for you to show appreciation for my artwork if you would like to use it as inspiration for a tattoo.

After purchase I will send you written permission to use my work as a tattoo, and (if it is available) I may be able to send you a clear copy of the image for your artist to use. Most good tattoo artists will not copy other artists work without this permission – so this a super easy way to provide that! Just contact me with the design that you would like.

Please note: This donation is for existing designs/artwork of mine. I don’t do custom artwork for tattoos or re-works of my designs. It will grant you rights to the design for your own personal use only and if you or your tattoo artist posts a picture of the tattoo, a credit to @oddoneoutnz would be much appreciated.